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Open Ears! | Confluence The River Speaks

Lee Patterson uses sound making and recording to devise performances with a selection of amplified and activated objects, devices and processes, from rock chalk to springs, from burning nuts to vibrating metal. Whether live or in the field, he opens up and plays an often inaudible sound world emitted by otherwise mute devices and objects.

For this recording session Lee Patterson will begin with a talk about the dual but interrelated elements of his practice, exploring how his field recording work with hydrophones and contact microphones co-exists and has co-evolved with his live work.

With recorded examples (underwater sounds and vibrations within solids) alongside demonstrations of his unique, self built instruments, he will show how, given current technological possibilities, notions of studio and landscape are interchangeable and thus, how open ears, play and curiosity can deliver new perspectives on work and environment.

The day will culminate with an afternoon recording session within the local environment, focusing upon acts of listening, interrogating materials and recording the sounds of local objects and features.

FREE – BOOKING ESSENTIAL via helenfrosi[at]

PLEASE NOTE: Participants should have prior knowledge of sound recording and should bring their own devices (batteries and memory cards) with them. Participants should know how to use their recording device prior to attending the session. We will have 4 recording devices to borrow for those without equipment. Please let us know what recording device you will bring with you.

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