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OsCiLlaTioNs – Summer Solstice Music Festival 2020

IKLECTIK [off-site] presents OsCiLlaTioNs РSummer Solstice Music Festival.

Sunday 21 June – From sunrise (4.43am) till 00:43am

In 2015 IKLECTIK and The Horse Improvised Music Club organised the first Oscillations edition, a music marathon to celebrate the summer solstice. It was a memorable day: over 18 hours of non-stop music with the participation of more than 60 musicians. Before the virus outbreak we planned to repeat the event but for obvious reasons we will not be able to do so in our venue, therefore, we have decided to do it online!

The purpose of this event is to raise some funds to keep IKLECTIK alive but also to bring us all together against these difficult times.

This event is part of #SaveOurVenues crowdfunding campaign. If you want to donate, please visit

This event will be live streamed on:

IKLECTIK YouTube channel
IKLECTIK Twitch channel
IKLECTIK Facebook page

Sue Lynch
Tim Yates
Tom Faux
Mariam Rezaei
Andrew Hockey
Craig Scott
My Panda Shall Fly
Frazer Merrick
Jenn Kirby
Jennifer Anne Haugan
Yoni Silver
James L Malone
Phil Durrant
Lucia H Chung
Panos Ghikas
Weston Olencki
on&off (Nikolai Kozin and Martin Lau)
Richard Crow
Adrian Northover
Phil Minton
Rosa Lynch Northover
Lou Barnell
Ken Ikeda
Kamura Obscura
Lydia Musonic
Hutch Demouilpied
Caroline Kraabel
John Edwards
Paula Garcia Stone
Greta Pistaceci
Sylvia Hallett
Benedict Taylor
Tom Jackson
Douglas Benford
Georgina Brett
Catherine Plugers
Marilza Gouvea
Marcio Mattos
Thomas Rohrer
Rie Nakajima
Keiko Yamamoto
Anina Hug
Tanya St-Pierre
Philippe-Aubert Gauthier
Adam Kinsey
Shona Handley
Charmaine Lee
Postcards from the Volcano

TOPH members

and more!

This event is in collaboration with The Horse Improvised Music Club, Hackoustic and TOPH!

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