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Church Hall - St John the Baptist Church 3 King Edward's Road London E9 7SF
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£20 - unwaged, £25 - low income, £30 - waged
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Out of the Box – Free improvisation workshop exploring chance strategies.

Out of the Box is a practical 2-day deep dive into free improvisation, for instrumentalists and vocalists.

We will delve into collected, original and borrowed strategies and pieces for group improvisation using chance as the main means to generate parameters of playing.

Exploring graphics, text, pieces, simple instructions, numbers, games, rhythm, conduction and movement, as well as completely free playing, participants will gain experience and insight into individual and group free improvisation and inspiration for collective music making and composition along the way.

The workshop will be guided by Hannah Marshall who has been playing freely improvised music for many years in the UK and abroad, in small and large groups and solo. Material for the workshop has been gathered, collected and borrowed from her experiences and observations as well as areas such as ‘search & reflect’, Aus den sieben tagen, John Cage, London Improvisors Orchestra’s – conductions. The group will use tombola’s and boxes containing musical parameters and limitations, dice, and cards, to consciously invite the universal language of synchronicity and ‘chance’ into the experience of the workshop.

The workshop aims to be a discovery of connections to moments of chance, coincidence, people, sounds and listening. We will have some idea where we may begin, but where we go and the directions we take, will be unknown.

Bring your own instruments!

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