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PAF- performing arts forum St Erme FR
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Era Geldes

PAF musicweek

PAF MUSIC WEEK 2017 won’t be business as usual. 
At stake will be what would usually appear as unsuitable, inappropriate, ridiculous, weird, clumsy, unseen, outrageous, deformed, embarrassing or disfigured. In other words: playing off our comfort-zones is the game we want to play with you, individually and collectively. 
We invite you, music makers, instrument builders, sound artists, music theoreticians and writers, composers, producers, sound technicians, DJ’s and flutists to sign up for PAF MUSIC WEEK 2017 not knowing what to expect but being prepared to expose yourself, to leave your habits at home, to contaminate the social, to play political, and to love yourself enough to feel the need to betray it. 
Taking risks for yourself and together with others is what PAF Music Week 2017 will be about. It concerns both our respective practices and ways of collaborating, our parts in the collective mood and organization, and our abilities to describe and discuss music together.
All of us, you included, will favor ideas, experiences, trials, initiatives, games, collaborations, performances etc where personal habits and collective norms become the #1 materials and terrains of experimentation, torsion, torture, transmutation and in the end true miracles!

We love PAF because it can be a blank score with the capacity to turn over night into an unheard symphony by means of collective energy, unbound creativity and thorough thinking. PAF MUSIC WEEK 2017 wants to be this symphony. 
We are looking forward to 6 days of doing things that couldn’t be done otherwise, that couldn’t be pe

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