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Persistence of Sound: London Sound Survey; Iain Chambers; Robert Worby

Launch of Persistence of Sound, a new label celebrating musique concrète and field recordings, featu The London Sound Survey; Iain Chambers & Robert Worby (Langham Research Centre)

The work of composers Luc Ferrari, Beatriz Ferreyra, Pierre Henry and Pierre Schaeffer are an inspiration to us, along with the sound recordists Chris Watson, Bernie Krause and Jana Winderen.

*The London Sound Survey – Thames*

“This collection of field recordings by the London Sound Survey brings the Thames to life through sound. Over many years Ian Rawes has made an audio mosaic reflecting this extraordinary landscape, from Tower Bridge to estuarine marshes and a now-lost oil refinery, allowing listeners a unique insight into the experience of these places.”
– Rachel Lichtenstein

*Robert Worby – Factitious Airs (Electronic Music)*

“Can a music made with the modern tools of digital music and contemporary production sound eerily as if created with the same equipment that Stockhausen, Henri and Berio all availed themselves of in the radio studios of the 50’s and 60’s – and yet sound bright and fresh to the ears of today’s listeners? Robert Worby shows us how” – Carl Stone

*Iain Chambers – The Eccentric Press*

“Iain is one of the most versatile composers it has been my pleasure to work with. His compositions and sound designs, whether for radio plays, for live performance, installations or on record are always informed by a lively wit and sense of the marvellous” – Peter Blegvad

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