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Parry Rooms, Royal College of Music
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All ages
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Oureyes Collective


Explore a new world of immersive art music through three rooms, interconnected audiovisual streams, interactive visuals, enveloping soundscapes born from live signal processing, and electrifying performances. A concert where the audience can experience new music from a plethora of perspectives while shaping the visuals and soundscapes that surround them through interaction with 3D motion trackers and touch screens. This is a performance that exists online as well as live, where people watching from home can interact with the visuals live, creating a unique virtual concert experience.

At the core of this concert are 5 new works for pipe organ, piano, and violin, accompanied by string quartet and live electronics. These solo performances occur in different rooms while audiovisual feeds link the rooms to one another. The audience can then move between rooms, perhaps experiencing the raw emotion of a solo performance in one room, then stepping into the next to see that performance fragmented and spread across a surround sound speaker and projector array in real time.

This is an event that exists on the cutting edge of technologically enhanced immersion, a peek at the future of live performance, and an experience not to be missed.

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