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Chancellor's Hall, Senate House
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Radical Nature: Architects of Change in Classical Music

An evening of exciting rolling performances that combine the worlds of classical music with performance art, film, photography, and spoken word. Directed by Belle Chen.

7:00pm Pianist Fee Blumenthaler and artist Marta Troya Gracia portray the enthralling transformation of a dragonfly by night to George Crumb’s A Little Midnight Music through performance art, sound design, and improvisation.

7:30pm Pianist Francesca Orlando and actress Lucrezia Marzo collaborate in a powerful and moving performance of text by Virginia Woolf with a selection of Liszt’s late works.

7:50pm Pianist Kirsty Chaplin teams up with performance artists Adela Rajnovic and Liz Kirk-Channing in a Pina Bausch-esque reinterpretation of Scriabin’s Sonata No. 2 based on performance art and gestures.

8:00pm Pianist Thormod Running Kvam presents a beautiful and ethereal combination of photography, poetry and narration with piano works by Leoš Janáček, with photographer Edvin Urkedal Koppen, actor Nicholas Marrast-Lewis, and sound design by Soundscape Røst.

8:30pm Pianist Inna Montesclaros and artist Marijke Keyser reimagines Mussorgsky’s epic Pictures at an Exhibition with lights and a playful shadow play.

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