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Rediscovering Donna Circo – Live performances and talk

Rediscovering Donna Circo, the first Italian Feminist Album – Live performances and talk

In 1974 the song writer Paola Pallottino and the singer Gianfranca Montedoro recorded the first Italian feminist album. Through the metaphor of the circus, they tell us about the women’s existence in the Seventies. Sadly, Donna Circo has never been released or distributed. 45 years later, a group of musicians fall in love with the album again and decide to reinterpret the twelve original tracks. Thanks to this project, we can finally all listen to Donna Circo and its strong political and social content. Join us for the presentation of the brand new version of the Donna Circo album! There will be a discussion with some of the artists that collaborated in the project, live performances on Zoom and a Q&A.

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