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7pm doors, 7.30pm concert

Bookings:, 01865 305305, in person at Oxford Playhouse


A new collaboration exploring sound and image, old and new, conventional and self-made musical instruments


What happens when technology becomes obsolete? RITUAL IN TRANSFIGURED TIME combines sounds and images from the 1940s, technologies developed in the 1950s, and the unique resonances of salvaged objects such as the insides of old toy pianos, and journeys through the improbable soundscapes of the past century. Set alongside new works from Arlene Sierra and Kathy Hinde, the ensemble explores the ‘newness of the old’ and the strangeness of our technological archaeology. The concert will also be a very rare chance to hear Varese’s 1958 Poème électronique,One of the early masterpieces of electronic music and image in a new concert performance.  


‘astonishing….the blend of images and sound was really quite extraordinary’ Audience comment



Edgard Varese, Poème électronique (© Casa Ricordi s.r.l., Milan) (1958)

Jonathan Harvey, Ricercare una melodia, (1985)

Tristan Murail, Les Ruines Circulaires, (2006)

Kathy Hinde + Solveig Settemsdal – Singularity (2016)

Langham Research Centre – Muffled Cyphers (parts 1 and 2) (2014)

Rob Godman – Faraday Waves (2016)

Kaija Saariaho – Cloud Trio (2010)

Arlene Sierra  + Maya Deren   – Ritual in Transfigured Time  (2016 / 1946)


A collaboration between:

Goldfield Ensemble (Nicola Goldscheider + Alexandra Reid – violins, Bridget Carey – viola, Sophie Harris- cello, Kate Romano- clarinet + metal tynes)

Langham Research Centre (Iain Chambers | Philip Tagney | Robert Worby | Felix Carey)

Arlene Sierra                          …                           

Kathy Hinde

Solveig Settemsdal                           …                                        


Rob Godman: Sound artist | composer

David Lefeber: Photography | Recording Producer & Engineer

Kate Romano: Artistic director | producer


#Ritual @ritual_project



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