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Kathy Hinde

River Echoes Deep Listening Walks

River Echoes is part of a collective investigation into Bristol’s waterways through listening.

Join artist Kathy Hinde on a series of walks that explore Bristol’s waterways by listening from an underwater perspective using hydrophones. Discover Bristol’s hidden river, the Frome by tuning in to the minuscule sounds emitted by small aquatic organisms enveloped by the gentle flow of water. Contemplate Bristol’s unique tidal range (the second largest in the world) from an edge point of the city, demarcated by a shifting watery passageway carving a space between the urban and the rural, the Avon gorge.

For each walk, Kathy will be joined by a guest who will share their specialist knowledge of Bristol’s waterways, including a freshwater ecologist, a marine scientist, and a member of the harbour master team.

River Echoes Deep Listening Walks are transmitted live onto wireless headphones offering an enhanced listening experience of a live mix between the usually inaudible underwater soundscape and amplified sounds of the surroundings interspersed with a conversation between the walking guides.

For more details, meeting points and to book a place on any of the walks – please visit

Highlights from the Listening walks will be available as podcasts after the events.

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Deep Listening Walk #1 : PODCAST