Smokey Joe’s, Cheltenham. Cube, Bristol. Bennett Centre, Frome.
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Cheltenham £6. Bristol £8 adv. £10. Frome £5.
All ages
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Secluded Bronte in Cheltenham, Bristol and Frome

Not to be confused with the Bronte sisters, the Bronte Brothers kick off their three date micro tour at Smokey Joe’s in Cheltenham – roping in their host, Chris Cundy, to reveal the true meaning of Bronte.
Thence to the Cube in Bristol, where they will be joined by film-maker extraordinaire James Holcombe. He will be projecting experiential films simultaneously with the trio’s considered accompaniment.
This trick is repeated in Frome. If you’re reading this – or even if you aren’t – and you know some Somersetites who may be at a loose end on Sunday 30th June (having not gone to a certain festival down the road) – please point them in the direction of the Bennett Centre.

Frome event

Bristol event


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