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London Irish Centre, 50 - 52 Camden Square, London
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Shame Chorusis an uplifting music event created by artist Jordan McKenzie.

The evening will feature members of the London Gay Men’s Chorus performing new songs specially composed by Billy Bragg, Jessica Curry, David McAlmont, Leo Chadburn, Shane Cullinan, Edmund Jolliffe, Conor Mitchell, Sarah Morrison, Steven Smith, Verity Susman, Benjamin Till and Jack White, with spoken word parts written by Andy White.

We have all experienced shame at some point in our lives. Exploring this difficult and intriguing subject in an entirely new way, Shame Chorus brings together composers and musicians from a range of genres who have created songs inspired by interviews conducted by psychoanalyst Susie Orbach, in association with the Freud Museum, London.

The resulting compositions will be sung by members of the London Gay Men’s Chorus in a live concert and collective act of catharsis, community and liberation.

 The concert will be followed by a discussion that includes Jordan McKenzie, the London Gay Men’s Chorus and a selection of the composers.

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