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Anatomy Rooms, Marischal College, Shoe Lane, Aberdeen AB10 1AN
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Silent Chaos

Silent Chaos present Origins

Sunday, 9 June 2019 from 20:30-21:30

“Origins” explores the possibilities inherent in sound to eliminate the sense of reality, bringing the listeners in other spaces and other times, with the aid of the looping, continuously changing and glitching video. The tense structured drones create an atmosphere where the sense of historical time is lost, leaving the listener suspended in a dark and dreamy world, and the far but pressing drums that sneak into that world transport you to ancient times, where the superhumans archetypes still reign. We as western civilization are losing contact with our archetypes, with our ancient roots, we are becoming disconnected from nature and our true selves.
Silent Chaos are proposing a sound, a sort of ab-original sound that can evoke the remnant shadows of what we were and bring them to life again. That’s why in the video they use the Venus of Willendorf and other Neolithic artefacts, as symbols of the archetypes that still shape our souls, even if they are forgotten; and it glitches and shivers and get fragmented because is what the technology is doing to us. Technology must be and remain a means, not a goal, and humanity has to regain its freedom from it and reconnect with its ancestral roots.

Silent Chaos [] is an experimental A/V duo based in Scotland. Founded in Rome in 2016 by Marta Noone and Ugo Vantini. Their structured yet impromptu composition and sound are mashing up past, present, and future times within ancient sonorities and electronic twists.

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Posted by Listen Again Festival on Wednesday, 29 May 2019