DINA, 32 Cambridge St, Sheffield, S1 4HP
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Pay as you feel (suggested donation £6)
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SONA presents Unpeeled: AGF & Otherworld

Tickets available here:

Please note tickets are pay as you feel with a suggested donation of £6. Eventbrite will charge a small booking fee on top of your donation. Tickets will also be available on the door.

About AGF
Audio sculptress AGF uses language, field recording and electronics as instrumentality of choice, weaving off-genre rhythms, sound art, moving image and intersectional justice into a glowing post-internet tapestry.

Twitter: @poemproducer

About Otherworld

Kay Logan has an academic background in audio technologies and computer programming. She has worked in freelance sound reinforcement since 2011, and as a freelance studio engineer from 2017. She has toured internationally extensively, released records and played stringed instruments with a variety of chaotic and convoluted bands. She made one techno record under the pseudonym Helena Celle, and currently organises sound throughout time with a concern for aural outsideness under the name Otherworld. Her current interests revolve largely around Python / Godot Engine programming. She does not have a public social media presence, but is 1/4th of the record label Anxious Music, which does. She publishes all relevant workings on her personal website:

Twitter: @anxious_musix

Photo: Ellie Chaney

Supported by Sound and Music, PRS Foundation and Arts Council England

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