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Education Room, David Welch Winter Gardens, Duthie Park, AB11 7TH
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Free, anyone welcome. Refreshments provided (**this is a free event but since all involved are independent practitioners, donations are welcome and greatly appreciated.
All ages
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Silent Chaos

Sonic // Art // Botanical Garden – by I Chen Lai & Silent Chaos

Coordinated by WAGON
Inviting different artistic practices and approaches, this event aims to revisit the concept and space of botanical garden. We also hope to develop the experimental capacity of the creative scene in Aberdeen.

Artist Talk by I Chen Lai
Taiwanese artist I Chen Lai, who is a gardener at the Taipei Botanical Garden, will speak about her recent projects including her ongoing research project surveying approaches within the concept and space of botanical garden in Germany, the UK and the Netherlands.

“The secret music of plants” by Silent Chaos
A plant-driven audio performance. An eurorack modular system is totally controlled by plants via the Scíon bio-feedback module built and engineered by Instruō, based in Glasgow [].

I Chen Lai [ I-Chern Lai /] is an artist, who also works at Taipei Botanical Garden as a gardener. Most of Lai’s projects investigate how knowledge forms and transforms when it is delivered through different mediums. Coming from a horticulture and landscape architecture background, she is especially engaged in botanical and environmental topics.

Silent Chaos [] is an experimental A/V duo based in Scotland. Founded in Rome in 2016 by Marta Noone and Ugo Vantini. Their structured yet impromptu composition and sound are mashing up past, present, and future times within ancient sonorities and electronic twists.
They have performed in numerous art exhibitions, theatrical and radio shows, audiovisual showcases, and various venues across Italy & UK

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