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Iklectik Art Lab
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Sonic Electronics festival – Workshop

Workshop Fort Processor by Isn’tses.
Saturday 01 June 2019, 11:00 – 17:00.
Iklectik Art Lab

Tickets £65 Advanced only / Maximum capacity 12

The circuit consists of:
• A section which distorts and octave-divides incoming audio (e.g. from a radio, walkman, mp3, synth etc.)
• Squarewave oscillators controlled by touching the metallic drawings across the centre of the circuit board with fingers (touch two or more at once), and also by a light sensor (best played using flashing/colour-changing lights or moving shadows)
• A chopper/ring-modulator which rhythmically slices between the distorted input signal and the oscillators,
• A ‘Twin-T’ section; a classic kick drum circuit mutated into a mysterious bass oscillator/drum/drone/filter which is influenced by the audio input.

If no audio input is connected, the circuit instead uses feedback and acts as a self-contained synth.

Venue: Amazing Ikletick Art Lab, bright and open space to share with others while learning-on-doing. Hands-on electronic soldering! Build your prototype and take it home. Start playing after soldering. Little jam with workshop participants.

Beginners: We will provide excellent tools to start soldering and learning basic of electronics. Soldering irons, soldering wire, cutting pliers, etc…

Professionals: Bring your tools!

Book online here

Part of Sonic Electronics Festival

With the support of ACE Arts Council England.

At I K L E C T I K

‘Old Paradise Yard’ 20 Carlisle Lane,

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