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Guest Projects, Hackney
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Sonic Experiences at Wild Within

Join La Wayaka Current for a free evening of sound / performances and music inside their immersive exhibition – Wild Within at Guest Projects (Just off Broadway Market / London Fields by Regents Canal in Hackney, London.)

There will be live performances from composer Jonathan Higgins (UK) and musical duo Cachaihuaira (Chile).

Cachaihuaira 8:00pm

Experimental music duo born in Coyo Oasis – San Pedro de Atacama, Chile in the vast Atacama desert and driest environment on earth.

Through an intuitive and collective approach to experience sound this duo create atmospheres that take you on a trip where experimental improvisation emerges. Through recorded sounds of natural elements over the past 2 years at distinct biomes, mixed with folkloric and contemporary instruments and styles, one musical and perceptive environment is generated where all factors share a unique space.

Jonathan Higgins 7:00pm
Glitch Turntablism: Dada, Gabsus – Literal Jungle Mix

Improvised experimental DJ set using modified cd players to warp, shred and distort recordings made on location in the remote autonomous indigenous province of Guna Yala, Panama between sea and jungle. These affected recordings are then layered and blended into a growing visceral sonic experience, shifting between jumbled words, delicate crackles and pounding noise.

Glitch turntablism is a new form turntablism that doesn’t imitate vinyl but instead, exploits the noise of CD’s for new musical material.


Both musical projects are being performed in London for the first time and were developed through La Waya

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