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Sounding Spaces

A performative learning experience exploring the different properties of sound and listening with light physical and creative exercises. Sounding Spaces is a musical-spiritual-communal event focusing on yogic and meditative approaches to creative processes. It navigates between the performative arena, learning environment, and a collaborative creation. Researching the entire sensory experience, we will focus on sound while also exploring the different facets of perception and its key role in creativity.

We are truly excited to facilitate this special gathering of individuals from all around the globe—linked through digital media—but sharing a common creative space of intimacy and connection.

Level: beginner

10 max. participants

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Sounding Spaces is a unique collaboration between two good friends who have taken seemingly different life-paths: a percussion artist for many years – upon discovering yoga and meditation – il’il Sat Prem changed paths, and became a full-time healer, meditator, yogini and yoga trainer, as well as a teacher of healing and meditation. Dganit Elyakim is a composer, sound artist, and educator. Her music depicts various aspects of the human and digital paradigm. Her oeuvre includes chamber, vocal, and electroacoustic compositions, as well as music for theatre, dance, new-media, and video.

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