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Canalside Heritage Centre Beeston Lock
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Isabel Jones

Soundwalk Into Wellbeing

Soundwalk Into Wellbeing: Salamanda Tandem is a live immersive sensory experience, guided by composer / singer/ Isabel Jones working in collaboration with other wellbeing practitioners, tabla player Biant Singh and seldom heard carers, using innovative sound technology to address challenges of isolation, stress, disability and poor health. This event takes place at Beeston Lock Canalside Heritage Centre, wier, river and garden. The soundwalk is designed to lift energies, through cultivating a sense of curiosity, as seldom heard carers, loved ones and friends, tune into the sound, movement and touch of nature, through the healing power of the breath. Central to the Beeston Lock sound score transmitted via radio headphones, we hear stories of wellbeing and resilience collected from seldom heard carers and canalside people who have drawn on challenging lived experience to let nature, breathe space into their daily lives. Embedded into the Soundwalks are The 5 Ways To Wellbeing, Connect, Keep Learning, Be Active, Take Notice, and Give, so all are welcome to stay on after the soundwalks for a friendly gathering, to reflect on shared wellbeing experiences and build peer support.

“Once out there the performance begins; the sound of birds, the wind in the trees, the weir, the lock turn or rain, whatever we find, be it soft warm grass, the cold crisp earth of winter, a discarded ball or the common grey squirrel ferreting around. Responding to what the day & season brings, we enter the moment. As nature’s resources come into relief, we are enveloped in a world of sound, & movement.

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