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The Book Club 100-106 Leonard Street
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Superwomen of Science Minerva Scientifica

The Book Club in Shoreditch is hosting the 


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of this splendidly eclectic one woman show, 

highlighting outstanding achievements by female scientists,   

before it heads to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 

with music ancient 

George Frideric Handel,  Hildegard von Bingen

and modern

Cheryl Frances-HoadKate WhitleyLynne PlowmanKaren Wimhurst  

Shirley J Thompson and Frances M Lynch 

 –  a collage of cutting edge contemporary music for solo acapella voice juxtaposed with ancient music and the recorded voices of scientists, historians, composers and members of the public relating    topical tales of women scientists. The performance takes the audience on a scientific journey with smatterings of wit and humour and lashings of gorgeous music.

Frances sings spectacular stories of women whose pioneering work has transformed all our lives.

                  Hildegard von Bingen (109 –1179) – healer, poet, astronomer, composer…..

Mary Somerville (1780-1872) – Mathematician and cosmologist 

Caroline Herschel( 1750-1848) -Singer of Handel, discoverer of comets 

Ada Lovelace (1815–1852) – daughter of Byron, first computer programmer

Jocelyn Bell-Burnell (born 1943) – should have won the Nobel Prize for pulsars work

Anne McLaren(1927-2007) –whose work led to the birth of the first test tube baby

Eva Crane(1912 – 2007) –  produced the first world history of beekeeping

Williamina Fleming(1857 – 1911 ) – maid turned astronomer

                                                                 The Book Club

      020 7684 8618



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