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t l k

t l k + boci

Fresh Thursday is a unique regular event that showcases new music alongside a home-cooked meal. For more information about how this event works please read the info at the bottom of this event carefully. Thank you. If you have a dietary requirement you can indicate it by selecting one of the free add-ons when purchasing your ticket.

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t l k

“truly transportive” – BBC6 Music (2023)

Bristol-based producer and vocalist t l k stretches the thin fabric of selfhood, leaning deeply into the ethereal realm. Fluid in genre and form, and emphasising improvisation as a core tenet for psychological processing, the enchanting sound of t l k is permeating the Bristol scene, with debut EP ‘Strength In Tenderness’ (2022) solidifying her as “one of the city’s most exciting artists” (BBC Introducing).

Developed within Bristol’s vibrant walls, t l k’s deep commitment to evolutionary introspection has allowed her recorded work to resonate widely in the live space. With the “delicate strength and clarity” of her vocals (B24/7) at the core of rich, undulating arrangements, t l k’s live show blends a palette of electronic minimalism, ambient soundscape, skewed rhythms, experimental sound design and neo-classical sensibilities to form something gently assertive, enlivening, ever-evolving, and altogether transfixing.

“A beautiful, soothing electronic lamentation about the nature of childhood grief and memory…” – GIHE

IG: @tlkvox

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Bristol based songwriter and violin looper creating folk-infused, genre-spanning music exploring grief, love, presence and connection. In her debut album ‘we are each other, this will set us free’, boci creates mesmerising, therapeutic, expansive sound worlds.

boci’s astral dream-folk sound world is woven with layers of euphoric string textures, crystalline vocals, expansive synths and therapeutic percussive grooves. Her message is one of unity, connection and healing.

‘I see life as an interconnected, unified, flowing entity – every being, every form, every molecule existing in relation to everything else. Nothing and no-one is separate from this, even if they no longer exist in the form they once did. This way of looking at things has helped me through my loneliest and most hopeless times.’ – boci

She has received support from Songlines (★★★★), BBC introducing and BBC 6 music.


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