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Tandem in Your Garden

Oxfordshire’s grooviest music festival is back Saturday 16 May, streaming a full day of live music, art, dance and workshops straight to your living room!

Tandem Festival is always packed with musicians from around the globe, as well as dance, storytelling, crafts and workshops and we don’t see why 2020 should be any different. There’ll be old-time festival favourites such as Sam Lee and Megan Henwood, as well as some snazzy and original lockdown combos and creations with artists from Nubiyan Twist and others, alongside heaps of activities for you to get stuck into. We’re making the day fully interactive so you can get involved in all the events and experience that brilliant festival atmosphere.

One thing is clear, we’re all going to need a bloody good dance when this is over – so we’re bringing you this free fundraising event, in the hopes we can raise enough donations to be able to put on Tandem 2021 and bring you more intimate and inspiring live music. So pop on your fancy dress, facetime your mates, and get ready to dance your socks off!

LINEUP: Sam Lee, Megan Henwood, Jelly Cleaver, feeo, Sophie Janna, Hoverfly, Queen Colobus, Hashshashin, TOE and many more! We’ll also have interactive workshops featuring 80s Disco Sweat n’ Stretch, Drunken Drawing, Techno Ceilidhs, Singing and Cooking.

WHEN: Saturday May 16th, from noon to midnight (GMT+1)

WHERE: From 10am on the 16th, Go to our event website to get a secret zoom code for the full interactive festival experience, or watch the festival live-streamed on the Tandem Youtube Channel and Facebook page.

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