St. John on Bethnal Green, 200 Cambridge Heath Road London E2 9PA
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All ages
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David Braid

The Braid Ensemble in Bethnal Green

The Braid Ensemble is a London-based quartet founded by David Braid, which focuses entirely on his work.

The players, Elliott Devivo (clarinet); Gerard Cousins (guitar); David Braid (electric guitar/mandolin); Rossitza Stoycheva (piano), are each world class virtuosi who bring their own unique musical angle to this remarkable group.
Described by Steve Reich as “Really honest stuff” Braid’s music has a uniquely lyrical and vibrant quality that engages you entirely on first hearing.

A result of strong influences ranging from Renaissance lute music to The Smiths and Sibelius – retaining a not quite pin down-able intimate familiarity – this is a music the like of which you have never heard; combining the immediacy of our time, a faint air of old school, valve-powered melancholy and an idealistic projection into the future.

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