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The Listening Arts Channel is an online programme of free workshops and activities about the act of Listening. A valuable creative learning resource

Two 7-week seasons, 20 Series and 91 episodes. All free aside from three professional courses.

Membership schemes exist to browse the extensive archive and discounts on courses.

There are five categories for the programme:

Early Years Listening – Intended to motivate young people to listen to their surroundings and be active using their ears. In this category, we also focus on client groups of mixed abilities and special education needs and their families.

Listening to Ourselves – we examine different ways in which the act of listening can be guided to enhance and develop self-awareness and the awareness of others, and use the act and practice of listening as a thread that binds core selfhoods between individuals. From Deep Listening and meditative practice to voicing and listening to opinions about current affairs.

Listening Spaces – We expand the concept of the space around us. From exploring sounds in close proximity to our ears and their sense of directionality to the sounds that exist on the further reaches of our hearing capabilities. How listening can manipulate the meaning we gave spaces around us.

Cultures of Listening – We choose to think of culture in this context as a meaning that is drawn towards the metaphor and beyond the listener and the listened to.

Listening Skills – Personal, participatory and professional development courses

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