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Arts@Trinity, Holy Trinity Church
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The Murmuration Cloud

This immersive performance will revisit the Murmuration Cloud in a new setting through an adventurous performance.

Clusters of light swirl and float across a cloud hovering in space. The Murmuration Cloud, sound-reactive collaborative installation by The Glass Cyphers, uniting those beneath as the light particles respond to the volume and pitch of the surrounding sounds.

Commissioned by Leeds BID, the work was first explored by students and friends of Leeds College of Music during the Art Trail at Christmas 2016.

In this performance, we take the experience further with a thrilling night of live music curated and led by avant-improvisation band John Frisco in the extraordinary dramatic setting of Holy Trinity Church.

John Frisco is an experimental trio creating music through improvisation and art. Comprising of Lara Jones on soprano saxophone, Jemma Freese on keyboards, and Megan Roe on guitar, they originate from different musical backgrounds comprising classical, jazz, noise, electronica, and pop. Together they create new sounds, pushing their instruments to the absolute limit to challenge both their own perception and that of the audience.

Their music explores the concept of time and emotion, producing soundscapes. They create all their own artwork, photography, and installations, using these to inspire their compositions and improvisations.

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