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The Venue, Leeds College of Music
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Theatre in Surround (Concert Three)

Our theatre in surround is an exciting installation of high resolution speakers in our state of the art auditorium The Venue.

A modern tradition of ‘diffusing’ music or performing it in surround sound has become a standard for performing electronic art music. Alongside dazzling video pieces and you will experience cutting edge electronic music in the dark.

Edmar Soria Back oF the MountaiN
John Nichols Gates
Georgios Varoutsos Reflection
Alo Allik λ
Takuto Fukuda & Yasaman Hassani The Mourning Door
Jonathan Higgins City of Falling Angels
Rick Nance TighTAN
Inés Wickmann & Francis Dhomont Disparitions

If you haven’t heard electroacoustic or acousmatic music before, these concerts are about exciting sonic experiences – hear the real world change and morph as it whizzes past your head. Be immersed in synthetic and digital imaginations. Hold on to your hats when the big guns of the scene turn up the subwoofers and shake the house.

These concerts feature some of the finest established artists and upcoming talent from across the globe including Adam Stanović, Elsa Justel, and Manoli Moriaty.

Curator: Robert Bentall
Photo credit: Michael Brown

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