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Purcell Room, Southbank Centre
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London Sinfonietta

Then & Now

Inspired by ethnomusicologist and song collector Alan Lomax, Luke Lewis’ The Echoes Return Slow sparks a conversation between distant lost voices and our collective presents. Using special speech transcription software to draw out the natural musical cadences of historic recordings of speech, and map them into melody, this innovative process tells the sometimes sad, sometimes jovial songs and tales of old miners, speaking of national identity, striking for better pay and conditions, unemployment, gender roles, language and culture; all themes as relevant today as they were fifty or a hundred years ago.

Alicia Jane Turner’s Tell me when you get home is a theatrical and sensory piece for solo soprano and ensemble that explores gendered experiences of walking alone at night. The immersive staging, influenced by Turner’s background in sound and lighting design, incorporates elements of patriarchal representations of femininity in mythology and horror to take us on a subversive journey into our fear of the dark.

Each composer will join us on-stage to discuss the musical ideas behind their work, and how they’ve been influenced by issues affecting society today.

– suitable for ages 18+
– performance contains three instances of full lighting black out
– contains adult language and content some audiences may find disturbing
– Trigger Warnings: Sexual assault, violence

Luke Lewis The Echoes Return Slow (London Sinfonietta commission, world premiere)
Alicia Jane Turner Tell me when you get home (London Sinfonietta commission, world premiere)

Sian Edwards conductor
London Sinfonietta

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