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LSO St Luke's
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London Symphony Orchestra

Theories of Forgetting: Hollie Harding

Explore the themes of time and memory in an evening of contemporary music for clarinet, accordion, cello, fixed media recordings and live electronics curated by LSO Jerwood Composer+, Hollie Harding. Performed by leading contemporary music specialists Heather Roche, Eva Zöllner and Colin Alexander.

Memories of places are transcribed into music in Pauline Oliveros’ Mnemonic III and Bent Sørensen’s Looking on Darkness. A performer tests his memory across a three-month process of recording and re-recording in James Saunders’ overlay (with transience). And Joanna Bailie’s Trains makes use of field recording as a preserved memory, capturing a moment in time. Plus there are UK and London premieres by Christophe Bertrand and Johan Svensson alongside Laurence Crane’s mesmeric Riis.

Hollie Harding shares her new work Theories of Forgetting, a multi-movement piece exploring personal memories involving sound. She revisits moments and musical objects from her past, using found materials unearthed from forgotten Dictaphone cassette tapes, past pieces, captured places in field recordings, and faded and transformed childhood memories.

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Note: due to Covid-19 this event may not be taking place in the format or venue advertised. Please confirm with the event organiser directly.