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Tomaga & Pierre Bastien + Lætitia Sadier

Please note that this is a mixed seating / standing event – seating is limited. Please call the Box Office on 020 7520 1490 or email to discuss your access requirements.

Bandiera Di Carta, released on 20th September 2019 on Nicolas Jaar’s Other People imprint, represents the ongoing collaboration between instrument builder and composer Pierre Bastien and the London based experimental duo Tomaga (Valentina Magaletti and Tom Relleen). The album represents the ongoing collaboration between the three musicians that began with residency and performances at Fructose, Dunkirk and Supersonic Birmingham.

The musical results of this collaboration are curiously evocative of free jazz by the likes of Sun Ra or Art Ensemble of Chicago paired with the percussive sound worlds of artists like Francis Bebey or Muslimgauze along with unique and sometimes bizarrely exotic tonal landscapes of composers like Catherine Christer Hennix, Carl Stone, or Egisto Macchi. All three musicians seem to find space to bloom in ways that are markedly different from their individual work and the resulting album is a strikingly original and powerfully bold affirmation of what can happen when venturing beyond the normal in pursuit of the other.

We are delighted to announce that Lætitia Sadier will be opening up for Tomaga & Pierre Bastien. The French musician is best known as a founding member of the London-based avant-pop band Stereolab and will be performing material from her solo albums.

‘Laetitia Sadier has one of the most recognizable voices in all of indie rock. For well

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