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Triad God

As part of the new season of Luminate we couldn’t be more excited to announce a very rare performance, from Triad God AKA Vinh Ngans.

Very little is known about the Cantonese-rapping, UK-based enigma, whose elusive presence has nonetheless been fleeting around ever since he appeared with his beautiful debut ‘NXB’ in 2012, set to a beguiling sonic backdrop by Palmistry.

In Feb 2019, Triad God made his long-awaited return on Lorenzo Senni’s Presto?! label – his first project in seven years. Triad 黑 社 會 sees the rapper reunited with downtempo dancehall prodigy Palmistry, who incorporates choral samples, sparse synth-lines and cinematic sound design across the record.

‘From the intimately cinematic mise-en-scene of the intro, thru to the soft-touch choral ambience of ‘So Pay La’ and ‘Gway Lo’, to the Jesus-arms dancehall bumps of ‘BDG’, the angelic cadence of ‘Dill’, and the MIDI meditation of ‘Hay Wan’, it’s the kind of record that quietly demands your attention while never quite looking you in the eye/ear, and does so in the most beguiling style. A total beauty.’ Boomkat

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