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Thomas Foster

Unheard: Unseen

Unheard: Unseen presents 3 brand new pieces collaboratively composed by 14 composers.

The Unheard: Unseen project challenges composers across the globe to work collaboratively and anonymously on new pieces of music. The resulting three compositions will be premiered in a streamed concert co-hosted by Thomas Foster and Sound and Music.

A link to the performance will be posted shortly before the event begins.

Featured Performers:

Participating Composers:
Allan X Chen
Andrew Zhou
Angela Luque
Anibal Vidal Astroza
António Sá-Dantas
Carla G. Ginjaume
Darren Sng
Matthew Lomax
Owen Ho
Thomas Foster
Tymon Zgorzelski
Vasilis Alevizos
Yiannis Marmathas
Zacharias Wolfe

The project brought together 14 composers to work on 3 new pieces of music. The idea was to challenge a group of composers, ranging from amateur to professional, with a new way of working. Not only were they restricted to working only one hour at a time, but also by the next time they accessed the work, several other participants had manipulated the piece. Composers were also working anonymously, unable to communicate with each other other than through musical ideas on the score.

To find out more about Unheard Concerts or to get involved in future projects, head to

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