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Vibrational Worldings: Duncan Whitley . Shirley Krenak . Sacha Taki (film)

Vibrational Worldings: Songs of Entanglement

08 June 2023, Cafe OTO, 8pm (doors)

An evening of immersive, multichannel and spatial sound work and film exploring the interweavings of sound in its enmeshment of communities, culture and the natural world.

We are delighted to host Shirley Djukurna Krenak with the assistance of Nathaniel Mann, who will be discussing hearing and listening and presenting healing sounds within her indigenous Krenak culture (from her home state of Minas Gerais, Brazil).

We will also present Sacha Taki: Voces y Cantos de la Selva (voices and songs from the rainforest) a filmwork by Gustavo Chiriboga and Paola Moscoso. The film is based on an interdisciplinary ethnographic-artistic work by the Voces del Bosque. Sacha Taki a proposal by the Kichwa Kawsak Sacha Ancestral Population (PAKKS) in the Ecuadorian Amazon, that seeks to recognize the value of the biocultural interweaving between communities and the jungle through its sounds.

We close the evening with a live spatial soundwork by Duncan Whitley, that explores the nexus between sound, wind and breath. This work was inspired by develop on recordings made collaboratively with Maw Mendoza and the Wich community of Santa Victoria Este II, during an experimental project in the Gran Chacho of north Argentina in 2016. The Creature in Between project was co-conceived by artist Claudia Fontes and shaman Tiluk Mendoza, and organised by The Appreciation Society.


This event is part of EnCOUnTERs, a series of events exploring the nexus between art, ecology and the sonic imagination.


Image/s: sounding pottery vessel created during The Creature in Between. Photograph courtesy of Guadalupe Miles.

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