Walk Listen Cafe – Songs of Place and Time

To coincide with the print publication of SONGS OF PLACE AND TIME: Birdsong and the Dawn Chorus in Natural History and the Arts (Edited by Mike Collier, Bennett Hogg & John Strachan), an anthology of contributions from 37 natural historians, we are delighted to have editor, Mike Collier and contributor and bird song recordist Geoff Sample as guests for this walk · listen · café.

Mike and Geoff offer a provocation for discussion

Walking and listening … or … walking or listening?

Wildlife sound recordists and photographers often spend a whole day sitting in just one place waiting ‘for nature to come to them’.

On not-walking: do the physical rhythms in the body that accompany walking undermine, or prescript, listening.

Does the loudness of walking drown natural silence? Or perhaps walking in sound is really being in the present – within a network of life.

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