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Babak Fakhamzadeh

walking, art, nature, and grief

We’re welcoming Hana Sutch, co-founder and CEO at Go Jauntly, and Fabiola Santana, a dance artist exploring performance as a medium for connection, transformation and exchange, who has used the mobile app Go Jauntly to create A Home for Grief, an auditory experience, and an invitation to meditate on grief while walking.

In this café, we’ll have a brief intro on Go Jauntly, followed by a discussion on A Home for Grief by Fabiola Santana, and commissioned by Lancaster Arts, where Fabiola will discuss the relationship between grief, walking, and art.

A Home for Grief is an auditory experience for one person at a time. An invitation to meditate on grief while walking. On your journey you listen on headphones to the voices of women from different backgrounds, whom Fabiola interviewed, sharing how they take care of their dead and themselves. These voices guide you through a trail in the cityscape. This sound walk is bespoke to each landscape on which it is inserted.

Go Jauntly is a health and wellness company working to increase walking, mobility and outdoor adventures. They have an award-winning walking app that promotes walking for leisure, active travel, and nature connection. Using the Go Jauntly app you can find local walks created by people who love and know them, discover the greenest walking routes, and connect with nature.

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