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Barber Institute of Fine Arts, University of Birmingham, B15 2TS
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World Premiere at the Barber Institute of Fine Arts

Internationally renowned Italian clarinettist and composer Luca Luciano is back to the Barber Institute of Fine Arts (Birmingham University) to present the World Premiere of a new composition of his as a homage to the French composer Francis Poulenc and his beautiful sonata for clarinet. The concert is part of a UK Tour to present Luciano’s new album “Fragments” that will see him perform in London, Brighton, Bristol, Harwich Festival, Derby, Bury St Edmund and Cambridge University among other cities. Besides classics for clarinet and piano by Schumann and Debussy, the programme will also feature original music and his Sonatas for clarinet and basso continuo. The audience will experience new and challenging music, written/arranged by Luciano, that is unique and varied, notated or “composed in real time”, that embraces romantic atmospheres and contemporary idioms, experimentation and heartfelt melodies. Though Luca’s exceptional virtuoso skills are clearly evident, the music has always a distinctive melodic sense influenced by the Western European tradition and his Neapolitan heritage. Due to its variety and melodic taste, the repertoire has proven to be appreciated by a wide range of music lovers who are also after something different and stimulating.

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