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Xenia Pestova

Xenia Pestova: Magnetic String Resonance

Contemporary pianist Xenia Pestova returns to Cafe Oto with uncompromising renditions of radical repertoire in the only London performance with the Magnetic Resonator Piano (MRP), a new instrument designed by Andrew McPherson. Oto’s resident piano will be completely transformed by electromagnets suspended above the strings, allowing control of minute details of resonance, crescendo from silence and sustained “bowed” sounds that the pianist will shape from the keyboard.

The performance will include Alvin Lucier’s rarely-programmed classic “Music for Piano with Magnetic Strings” (originally with eBows) and Pauline Oliveros’ pioneering text score “Breaking Boundaries” as well as world premieres of “Glowing Radioactive Elements” by Pestova and “Magnetic Resonance” for MRP and electronics by UK-based New Zealand composer John Young.

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