Beyond March 2018…

Chloe Knibbs

March 2018, National Women’s Month, is sure to include many exciting events, performances and talks that celebrate women’s creativity. However, there are 11 other months of the year where we can all make a difference towards gender inequality and stereotyping within our industry – so here are a few thoughts on how to take the sentiment of National Women’s Month beyond March:

  1. Change your pronouns. Let’s all be active in reminding ourselves that not all composers are “he” and this shouldn’t be the default in describing composers.


  1. Mix up your playlist. Check in on the composers you listen to regularly – is there a majority of a particular gender/race/background? If so, perhaps it’s time to explore other voices and find something new.


  1. Be specific. Avoid generalisations and get to know a woman’s musical output in detail in order to value each individual musical voice.


  1. Diversify your diary. Attend a wide range of concerts that celebrate the many different people that have and do compose, and the variety of approaches to composition and music-making that this diversity brings.


  1. Pass on the message. If you teach composition in any way, then be pro-active in sharing the work of composers – that happen to be women – and change the gender balance.