December’s Guest Editor Rochelle Blair picks four upcoming events from the Sampler’s listings. See Rochelle’s other editorial contributions here.


  1. LATE NIGHT FIREBIRD – First event on my list thats looking like a must-go is Shiva Feshareki’s live deconstruction of Stravinsky. Using nothing but the original vinyls, this electric lady will flip and twist The Firebird into something extraordinary. This is a must see for me because as a producer and sampler, I love exploring ways to take a sound and – by using no more than the elements of the sound, revive it into something new. If you’re into redefining older sounds than you’ll love this!


  1. CLASSICAL MUSIC SUNDAYS – If there’s one thing I love as a producer, its learning about to other producers and artists projects and then hearing the sounds that influence them so this event sounds just up my street. Come down to East London and discuss the influences of Isao Tomitas influence on Grammy award-winning composer and producer Richard Reed Parry. I cant think of a better way to spend a winters Sunday than to be inside, chilling and listening to uninterrupted vinyl playback of a colourful but subdued collection of classical, synthesised pieces.


  1. The LOUDSPEAKER ORCHESTRA – One word- soundscapes. This event sounds like an audiophiles dream land. I can just imagine the subtle intricate layers of acoustic and electroacoustic music compiled originally over each other to bring an immersive experience like never before. Head down to the University of Greenwich to take in Barry Traux’s amazing orchestra and be prepared to have your mind blown!


  1. PLATFORM AT THE MUSEUM – This annual event is one not to be missed this year! As you know, I love listening to music and knowing the source of the inspiration, so I can’t wait to listen to the music these young people make inspired by the design of the V&A museum in Bethnal Green. I’m very intrigued to hear how they will work with the festival artists to form sounds based off of architecture and design. I’m also interested in seeing how the Soundbox Creative ensemble will use traditional instruments and music technology to create music that they’re all ability collective can play and enjoy!