This month we’ve asked our talented Guest Editor Toby Young to share his top 4 event picks from the Sampler!


20th August, 2017

Funk Foundation

This homage to the great composer and saxophonist Pee Wee Ellis looks set to get toes tapping and musical imaginations ignited. Bringing together the great man himself with new and upcoming younger musicians, this really is not one to be missed.

23rd August, 2017

Lori Lullabies

What a lovely sounding event for anyone with children! It is just so, so important that we start young people connecting sounds with their imaginations, and this sounds like a great way to do this. Bringing storytelling and sonic art together, a must for those with early years kids.

20th – 22nd August, 2017

Fête Quauqua

I have never been to an event at the Vortex in London’s Dalston Kingsland that hasn’t left me either deep in thought or beaming with the joys of collective and unusual music-making. This series of improvisation sessions sounds no different, with highlights coming from singer-composer Jennifer Walshe, violinist and dancer Satoko Fukuda, and jazz great Henry Lowther.

22nd – 29th August, 2017

PAF Music Week

An eclectic line-up, featuring experimentation and exploration from all of the contributors alongside professional leaders. This sounds like a thrilling melting-pot of style and genre, and certainly something to defy expectations.