Kicking things off for August, this month our talented Guest Editor Rebekah Ubuntu shares their top 4 event picks from the Sampler!

1st – 4th August 2018


The heat in London this year has gotten people talking about global warming on a more ‘closer-to-home’ basis. Technologist XVelastin brings the sound of the ocean and the impact of global warming alive in ‘a subversive and submersive experience’. Environmentalism, cross-arts and digital sound manipulation make for a poignant experience.

1st August 2018

Minerva Scientifica
Superwomen of Science

The intersection of women, music and science is a fascinating one. What kind of music and what kind of science? How’s about the science of astronomy and the music of superwomen? Or what about the women of science and the music of astronomy? Add those two combos together and you get Minerva Scientifica Superwomen of Science – The Astronomers. I love the science of Space and I love music that brings a bit of theatre into the mix. By the looks of the performance’s five star reviews, this one is not to be missed.

4th – 11th August 2018

Hunger @ The Edinburgh Fringe

It’s Edinburgh Fringe season and with it an aesthetic and polemical delight provokes critical thought on the matters of ‘normative’ roles across gender, art, labour and value. Philosophical, accessible and interactive. This is a piece that will get the cogs turning and leave a lasting impression. If you’re at the Fringe, I’d recommend this one!

25th August 2018

Workshop: Field Recording with Peter Cusack

‘How do we react to the sounds that are a part of our everyday lives?’ Peter Cusack asks his field recording workshop attendees to consider this question in practice by equipping them with all necessary equipment, instruction and encouragement. I’m looking forward to this! As someone fascinated by sound and currently embarking on a new adventure into the world of field recordings and soundscapes, this is right up my street. Check out the video of Peter giving one of his workshops. He’s really lovely!