To get things started for March, this month we’ve asked our talented Guest Editor Chloe Knibbs to share her top 4 event picks from the Sampler!

4th March 2018

CoMA:  I Am Swimming

One of the many events taking place across the UK as part of the Contemporary Music for All’s 2018 Festival (2-4th March 2018), I Am Swimming is an opportunity for a wide range of musicians – all instruments and abilities – to engage with contemporary music. The work, recently written by Nigel Osborne, draws upon his own experiences of working with Syrian refugees.

8th March 2018

Decibel: ‘Togetherness’

If you’ve not had chance to check out the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire’s new home then this is your moment. As part of the Frontiers Concert Series, Decibel will be launching their new CD ‘Togetherness’ with the Diatribe label. A collection of Ed Bennett’s latest work that promises to take you on a journey of musical extremities.

8th-11th March 2018

Illuminate: Concert Series

What better way to celebrate National Womens’ Month than an event that combines the talent from past and present female composers? Illuminate is a concert series highlighting forgotten works by women – including Beach, Boulanger and Owen – alongside new material by composers Angela Elizabeth Slater, Gemma Mcgregor, Blair Boyd, Sarah Westwood and Carol J Jones. This current tour will cover London, Oxford, Birmingham, Stafford and Cardiff so there’s no reason to miss out!

17th March 2018

Kamura Obscura: EP Launch

Birmingham’s cultural quarter, Digbeth, is soon to be offering the treat of Kamura Obscura. Combining vocal experimentation, improvisation and Japanese musical influences they will take you to a haunting and beautiful world of sound. They will also be joined by special guests Bethany Kay and DJ SSeeaann Rrooee.