Scottish artist and musician Tommy Perman is giving away his new album made from happy sounds in exchange for happy messages.

In September 2020 Perman contacted 50 friends around the world (Australia, England, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Lithuania, Mexico, Scotland and USA) and asked them to send him a sound that makes them happy. The sounds he received were as diverse as the people who contributed but Perman noticed some common themes:
• a beautiful variety of bird songs
• an assortment of pet sounds
(squeaks, meows, purrs, snuffles and barks)
• ambient sounds of nature
(particularly water pulling at pebbles on beaches)
• quirky found sounds – both acoustic (door squeaks)
and electronic (dishwasher bleeps)
• sounds made in favourite activities
(drawing and brewing cider both feature)
• and of course the activity of making music itself

With these sounds Perman crafted a 20 track album – roughly 80 minutes of gentle electronic and ambient music which recalls Boards of Canada, Emily Sprague and Cluster & Eno.

Now that I’ve finished I want to share this album with as many people as I can. Rather than ask for money I thought it was a nice idea to encourage some happy thoughts.

Tommy Perman’s new album Positive Interactions is out now, available directly from You can ‘buy’ the album by emailing a message about something that makes you happy to: