The New Maker Ensemble wants to commission a new piece for up to 6 performers, which strongly related to the theme “system”. The piece, whose duration should be between 15 and 25 minutes, will receive 7 rehearsals between May and June, and will be programmed along other works and performed in 3 concerts between the 12th and the 15th of July 2018 in major theatres in Funchal, Madeira Island, Portugal, as part of a larger project called SYSTEM 2 STAGES. We encourage you to visit the project’s main page at and read about the project and the theme before you apply.


1) Commission fee: €1500.
2) Professional audiovisual documentation, whose products you will be free to use as you wish.
3) As part of the larger scope of the project, scores and scripts, along with other textual contributions, will be edited and published in a collection, an exemplar of which will be sent to all of those whose works will have been performed.


23rd February – deadline for submissions of proposals
24th-27th February – evaluation period
28th February – results
1st March – formal commission

18th March –  1st meeting: discussing ideas and developing a time plan
1st April – 2nd meeting: knowing the group (instrumentation and special skills)
15th April – 3rd meeting: extended techniques with individual performers
29th April – 4th meeting: process check point
12th May – 5th meeting: final revision

13th May – Deadline for score
20th May – Deadline for parts

21st may – Rehearsal 3
28th may – Rehearsal 4
4th june – Rehearsal 5
11th june – Rehearsal 6
18th june – Rehearsal 7
25th june – Rehearsal 8
2nd july – Rehearsal 9

12th july – Concert 1
13th july – Concert 2
15th july – Concert 3

*Keep in mind that collaborative meetings as well as rehearsal dates are provisory and meant as a guideline only, so they can be changed later on.*