Brighter Sound is delighted to welcome Manchester roots reggae and dub veterans P.Lush (Nucleus Roots, Dub Reaktion), T-Gad (T & Le Touch, Edward II) and a special guest vocalist to lead the tenth in our series of artistic residencies for emerging musicians – Dub Reactors: Reggae Roots Residency.

The artists will lead a three-day intensive Brighter Sound residency at Band on the Wall in Manchester from Thursday 19 – Saturday 21 October which will culminate in a live celebration and performance of roots reggae and dub.

We’re looking for ten talented emerging reggae, dub, dancehall and lovers rock musicians young and old, from across the UK to collaborate, create and perform new music with P.Lush, T-Gad, and a special guest vocalist to be announced. The selected musicians will form a reggae outfit to create a set of new music for performance on the evening of Saturday 21 October.

“We’re excited to welcome MC’s, singers, vocalists, musicians and writers who want to explore all of the things which make up roots reggae and dub culture. The opportunity to work with some of the UK’s experienced and budding reggae stars allows us to pay homage – pushing the culture and creating legacy for future generations. Those who are interested should look forward to understanding how to arrange, structure and engineer such productions when creating in these genres of music. So if you’ve got examples of you making this music, you better bring it with you – we would be honoured to perform your music live!” – T-Gad and P.Lush

We’re inviting applications from musicians who play or partake in the following:

• Bass guitar
• Drums / percussion
• Guitars (rhythm/acoustic)
• Keyboard
• Horn section (trumpets, saxophones, trombones etc.)
• MC’s / singers / backing vocalists

We’re happy accept applications from existing bands although each band member must submit a separate application.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Sun 17 Sept, midnight