‘Magnetism’ is the result of vibrations bounced over three thousand miles of raging ocean; a spellbinding fusion of heat-haze astral and rugged, real earth.

Push/pull. Rynning’s contra alto clarinet, with resonant tones and sheer gravitational force, keeps the sounds grounded. Seneviratne, rather than devising additional parts, sculpts and manipulates the material in the digital realm, in which sleepy dreamscapes morph into somnambulant visions.

These are forces that attract and hold complex tensions; a coming together and a pushing of each others sensibilities and boundaries.

The music, at times slow and wide, and mirroring a physical distance between the two players’ geography, performs a transatlantic magic trick; a slow-mo, collaborative mystical morphing achieving a sum greater than its continentally separated parts.

‘Magnetism’ is apt – this is deep, reflective music for makers and audience alike. And what are we if we aren’t together, united across time and space – inner and outer. “And, right now, I want to see a sea of hands out there.” Come together in the darkness; explore planet-sized sound-worlds in a world that often feels far from sound; feel a little less alone.

// You can buy Magnetism by Lars Rynning & Suren Seneviratne on Bandcamp: https://bloxhamtapes.bandcamp.com/album/magnetism