At Music Hackspace we are very excited to announce that our 2016 programme will be made with support from Arts Council England. New events and workshops will be announced very soon. Activities will take place at our new home in LimeWharf, with some workshops happening in Machines Room and other locations tba soon! Check out our documentation video and stay tuned for future events!



About Music Hackspace:


The Music Hackspace was founded in 2011 as a community for artists, engineers and entrepreneurs passionate about music and technology. We foster innovation by sharing knowledge and practices through regular seminars, workshops, performances and residencies. Our programme’s content engages with sound, art, new instruments, computer music, open source electronics, and all kinds of noisy ideas. Our main objective is to catalyse the development of music technology projects in a dynamic and friendly atmosphere.


Our seminar and Artist Talks programme is a platform where members of the same industry and artist communities can find out more about each other’s individual practice. These sessions consist of open events focusing on artist presentations, product launches, demos and research talks by technologists and artists. These talks also provide an excellent entry point for newcomers, beginners and people curious about sound practices. Both the seminars and the artist talks are informative and offer the opportunity to network and make research on a certain topic.


With our Workshops Programme, participants learn new musical and hardware/software skills, and they also get advice on their own sound projects. Hardware-based workshops allow participants to take home their own device, which they assemble during the day/course. We run inductions to soldering and electronics for beginners at the start of each workshop. Workshop leaders usually provide hardware, components and devices required. We also provide all the tools for the participants.


As part of our ongoing partnership with music organisation Sound and Music, we are currently hosting two artists in residence through the Embedded Composer in Residence programme (Leslie Deere and Jack James).


Check out our upcoming activities!


Music Hackspace operates through a wide range of partnerships, ranging from Arts Council England, national portfolio organisation for music development Sound and Music, the creative studio hub LimeWharf and local authorities and entities THAMES Tower Hamlets, Queen Mary University, among others).