‘Three Movements for Organ’ is an important new contribution to the organ repertoire from contemporary classical English composer Kevin George Brown.

The esteemed organist Richard Lea has released a number of critically acclaimed recordings and is renowned for his work at the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral and Buckfast Abbey.

“I marvel at the ‘Three Movements for Organ’ in their sheer originality, inventiveness and colouristic effects”. Prof. Dr. Ian Tracey.

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Jubilate: https://on.soundcloud.com/W1wYm
Meditation: https://on.soundcloud.com/URsEn

Programme Notes

Spanning 33’ duration ‘Three Movements for Organ’ comprises ‘Jubilate’, ‘Meditation’ and ‘Processional’.
These three individual movements manipulate the same basic time frame (c.11’) in different ways,
offering different perspectives of the same core material.

The work is based on elements of Gregorian Chant and is inspired by the architectural, spiritual and
atmospheric aspects of the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral.

‘Jubilate’ utilizes a structured “circular form” and comprises twelve interpretations of the core material.

‘Meditation’ presents the thematic material “concurrently” in a free-floating stasis and employs controlled
improvisation. This movement also features a solo treble voice and single bell.

‘Processional’. Essentially ostinato based, this is not a goal-orientated ‘procession’ but rather a fragmented
mosaic: the procession suddenly nearby; suddenly afar; sometimes in juxtaposition passing either side;
sometimes heard as just fragments (on the wind, or in between buildings, as it were).

Kevin George Brown’s music has been described as meticulously crafted, dramatic, spiritual, both complex and simple, embracing a natural emotional beauty with an intellectual modernist rigour. He is influenced by structure, landscape, ritual and metaphysics.
He counts amongst his tutors and mentors Sir Harrison Birtwistle, Anthony Gilbert and Elena Firsova. Compositions include a variety of instrumental and vocal works and his music has been performed, broadcast and recorded both in the UK and internationally. Career highlights have included a performance at the Three Choirs Festival given by Roderick Williams and Susie Allan, the premiere of a music theatre piece Requiem at the ISCM Festival and Fanfare for orchestra, commissioned for the 50th Anniversary of the Metropolitan Cathedral, Liverpool.

For more information visit www.kevingeorgebrown.com