We asked sound artist Jez riley French to select some of his photographic scores for a small online exhibition on The Sampler. Jez riley French’s images act in various ways as an impetus for sound or listening. Christopher Haworth (Source), sees them as “reversing some of the effects of our image-saturated culture”, allowing images to refer to a sense of sound that is based in time, rather than sound being visualised through static images on the page.

“For some time I’ve been exploring the intuitive link between photographic images and the compositional process, including their use in photographic scores.

As a sound artist, musician and composer my personal work has always involved an intuitive response to spaces and situations, a deepening approach to listening in a durational sense and often at micro-levels. The photographic scores / scores for listening works invite musicians, audiences and individuals in their locales, to reflect on the sounds around them and pause for a time, allowing the sounds that we, as a species, often filter out to become present again in our perception. Interaction with these situations takes the form of extended listening, recording or performance, often also recorded at a distance and focused on further intuitive response from the musicians / performers / individuals.” (Jez riley French).










The following score was commissioned as part of Fresh Yorkshire Aires, 2016.

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