Pre-order of Pure Chaos.
Releases January 23, 2023

Digital Album
Streaming + Download
You get 1 track now (streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also available as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more), plus the complete album the moment it’s released.

Limited Edition CD 12-page booklet Digipack
2 panels Digipack, glossy finish, with a 12-page booklet. Each page features a digital painting inspired by a track. The artwork has entirely been created using Midjourney AI, then manipulated and assembled by NoOne.

“Pure Chaos” is the Silent Chaos’ 4th studio album. Comprised of released singles, unreleased tracks, and works for installations, this 8-track album is incredibly organic and transports the listener on a deep journey into darkness, with cinematic obscure sounds and sepulchral drums, ancient rituals for this new era, Crowleyan influences and suggestions from the deep space. Silent Chaos’s composition is based on performative improvisation framed in a pre-decided structure, thus their sound appears organised even if unpredictable, with ever-changing textured drones that hypnotise the listener.

It is going to be released on 23-01-23 on the usual digital streaming services, Bandcamp, and, most importantly, in a 12-page digipack UK universal physical release (and partial USA) by Code 7 distribution and in the Cold Spring Records warehouse and mail order listing.

Silent Chaos released their debut album “Micro” through Eclectic Productions (Italy) in 2017 and they were featured in four compilations; the second album “Osclltr 012” was released in 2018 through Berlin label Osclltr Records. Their third studio album “Macro”, has been released on Spring Equinox 2020 for the label WDGAF (UK) -

Silent Chaos did sonorizations for art exhibitions, composed for experimental theatre and live radio performances, and performed, with their audiovisual projects, in many venues across Italy and UK, such as Cryptic Nights, Sound Festival, Listen Again Festival, sonADA, Radiophrenia, Wagon, British Art Show.

“Fear and elevation. That’s what this sounds like. It seems that Silent Chaos are attempting to bring the listener into their own brand of higher consciousness. The realm of metaphysics interpreted as a listening experience. Many artists have attempted this idea for many years… but few have been as successful as Silent Chaos.” Corey Philips