Gathering, Parting (When Bright Shines the Moon)

Composer & filmmaker Tamsin Elliott (Bristol, UK) collaborates with oud player Tarek Elazhary and percussionist Salma Amr (Cairo, Egypt) for this sublime new work.

Beginning with a meditative free-time improvisation on the harp, the piece builds gradually, underpinned by a shape-shifting groove rooted in a slow seven. The gathering momentum is augmented by bursts of footage shot from the back of a motorbike, opening into the spine-tingling spaciousness of Tarek’s oud solo and the sudden expanse of Sinai’s mountains framing dancer Hesham Al Qersh.

Tamsin says “although the imagery could suggest myriad meanings, for me it’s about finding solace in both the wild mountain landscape and the bustle of Cairo’s streets. Human connection is at the heart of this collaboration.

In just over six minutes, the piece offers a dialogue between the different traditions of the artists as they gather to explore their shared passion through music that transcends borders.